Typeface design education from Cooper Union

Extended Program

Top industry professionals lead a focused and comprehensive study of key typeface design principles: technique, aesthetics, expression, history, and theory. We expect to be offering places for two cohorts of program participants, one fully online and one that is partially in-person with some elements of the program online. In-person classes are held on Cooper Union’s New York City campus.

Participants design and produce their own typefaces as digital fonts made to industry standards, and exit the program with the specialized skills needed to design professional-quality digital typefaces and lettering.

About the Extended Program

Students learn the tools and principles of digital typeface design through individual typeface design projects with Hannes Famira. Alexander Tochilovsky leads an exploration of the history and theory of typeface design through lectures, discussions, and independent research. Optional elective classes offered in addition to the core program focus on topics such as hand-lettering, Python programming and font production. Special guest lecturers and critics round out the program and provide deeper insight. Guest critics visit each term. Participants design and produce their own typefaces as fonts made to industry standards, and exit the program with the specialized skills needed to design professional-quality digital typefaces and lettering.

2023–2024 Extended Program Schedule

The core program consists of 54 course-hours per term. To earn the Certificate, participants must attend the full core program and pass a final review of their work each term.

Term #1:October 1 to December 4, 2024
Term #2:Late January to mid April, 2025
Term #3:Early June to early August, 2025

Classes and lectures are scheduled on evenings and weekends to accommodate working professionals. Core classes meet on Monday and Tuesday evenings plus one weekend per term, and elective classes meet on weekends during the day and on Wednesday evenings during the summer.


Tuition for each term in the 2024–2025 program is $3,155 and covers:

  • All three mandatory core classes
  • 2 optional workshops in the fall and spring term
  • An elective in summer
  • All lectures

Fall term tuition is due no later than Monday, July 8, 2024 to secure a student’s place in the program. Payment instructions will be provided with the acceptance notification.

Apply to the Extended Program

Applications for admission to the 2024–2025 Extended program are due by midnight May 31.

Applications will be accepted beginning May 1. 

Candidates are asked to submit the following application materials by email to type@cooper.edu with the subject heading “Typeface Design Application.” Your email should include your full name, phone number, email address and postal address. 

Application PDF

Please include these materials in a single PDF (8.5″ x 11″, print resolution, maximum 10 pages / 20 MB):

  1. A brief letter describing your experience and interest in typeface design and lettering (250 words maximum). Let us know in this letter whether you are interested in apply as a remote student or as a hybrid (in-person with some remote sessions) student.
  2. A portfolio of 6 graphic arts projects, demonstrating your proficiency in typography, lettering and vector drafting. Please state your personal role in the creation of each piece.
  3. A list of any relevant courses you’ve taken, including the school/ institution and dates taken.
  4. A supporting résumé with any further information which might be considered relevant.

Please format the PDF to print at 8.5″ × 11″ and name it:
“YourFirstName YourLastName - application_2024.pdf”

Please mention in your email whether you are interested in joining the in-person/hybrid program or the fully online program.

For more information, see the FAQ section, or e-mail type@cooper.edu with your questions.

Application Fee

A $75 non-refundable application fee must be submitted for each application. The fee is payable online.

Notification of Acceptance

Each program cohort is limited to 16 participants max. Applicants will be informed of their acceptance status by Friday, July 2, 2024.

Extended Program lineup

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