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Intro to Python

Intro to Python for Type Design
with Ryan Bugden

Typeface designers have always made their own tools to help their design process. In the past, punchcutters had the counterpunch. Today we have Python. It empowers us to focus on the enjoyable and creative aspects of typeface design by automating monotonous and repetitive tasks. In this workshop, we will cover the fundamentals of programming with Python by using DrawBot, and then we’ll apply these skills to a type design workflow in RoboFont. By the end of the workshop, students will be ready to craft their own tools.

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Thu, March 7 – Thu, March 28, 2024
6:30–9:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Number of sessions: 4

Where: Online

About Ryan Bugden

Ryan Bugden
Ryan Bugden is an independent typeface designer and graphic designer based in Brooklyn. He runs a design practice with his partner Michelle Ando, releases typefaces through Future Fonts, teaches typeface design through his own Type Sessions, and is an adjunct professor of typography at SVA. Before graduating from Type and Media in 2019, he studied graphic design at RISD and typeface design at Type@Cooper’s Extended Program, and worked as a senior designer at studios such as Red Antler and Pentagram.