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Phototypesetting and the Second Revolution in Type
with Frank Romano

The emergence of photographic typesetting in the 1960s expanded typographic creativity and production. The classic font libraries of Monotype, Linotype, Ludlow and others were transferred to film—badly in most cases. The advent of the digital imagesetter and PostScript saw an explosion of new and derivative typefaces. Romano’s talk covers the technologies, libraries, and luminaries of the phototypesetting era.

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Mon, November 29, 2021

Where: Online

The Herb Lubalin Lectures are recorded and made available here and on Vimeo with the generous support of TypeCulture.

About Frank Romano

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RIT Professor Emeritus Frank Romano is the author of major histories of hot metal, phototypesetting, and desktop publishing. He is president of the Museum of Printing in Haverhill, MA where the only collection of cold type systems exist. The Museum curates over one million typographic artifacts.