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Showing and sellling type

Showing & Selling Type
with Stephen Coles

After months of learning, sketching, designing, and refining, you’re finally finished with your typeface (or at least it’s near a stage worthy of release). Now what? A typeface isn’t a typeface until it gets used. This class will survey the ways type was shown and sold in the past, as well as tackle the complexities of the current market. We’ll talk about how to present your typeface in its best light and get it out into the world — including topics like specimen design, promotion, distribution, and an introduction to marketing and licensing. Drawing inspiration from historical specimens, exercises will include: writing a typeface description, choosing and setting specimen text, and designing in-use samples.

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Sat, June 3, 2023

Where: Online

About Stephen Coles

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Stephen Coles (he/him) is Associate Curator & Editorial Director at Letterform Archive. Previously, he served as FontShop’s creative director and a member of FontFont’s TypeBoard. He was also an independent consultant, connecting font makers with font users and advocating for the interests of both groups. Stephen wrote the book The Anatomy of Type and co-founded the websites Typographica and Fonts In Use.