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Understanding cranbrook T293

Understanding Cranbrook Design. Creative Practice
with Alexander Tochilovsky

The Lubalin Lecture Series is presenting two panel discussions that will focus on the history, creative authorship and pedagogy of the 2D Design Department at Cranbrook.
Within the canon of graphic design education, Cranbrook’s Master’s Degree program in 2D Design’s combination of academic rigor, individualism, and bohemian collectivism is unique. Over the decades, the Cranbrook Design Program has maintained a consistent mission and vision while also embracing the radical changes within the graphic discipline over the last half century.

Through the experiences and stories of our panelists, we will uncover common themes, perspectives and insights on the past, present and future of Cranbrook Design and its influence on individual creative expression and design education.

Panel: Understanding Cranbrook Design. Creative Practice

The second panel will consist of five Cranbrook Design graduates across different eras that have charted an individual creative ethos in their work. We will discuss how their graduate study at Cranbrook has influenced their creative philosophy and evolution.

The panel will include: Elliott Earls, Cleon Peterson, Wes Taylor, A. F. Oehmke, and Ed Fella.

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Mon, April 4, 2022

Where: Online

The Herb Lubalin Lectures are recorded and made available here and on Vimeo with the generous support of TypeCulture.

About Alexander Tochilovsky


Alexander Tochilovsky is a graphic designer, typographer, curator, and teacher, with 20+ years of professional design experience, and 15+ years of teaching. Born in Odesa, Ukraine, he graduated with a BFA from The Cooper Union, and holds an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. He is currently the Curator of the Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography. In 2009 he co-curated the exhibition “Lubalin Now,” and has since curated several other exhibitions including: “Appetite”, “Pharma”, “Image of the Studio”, “Thirty”, “Swiss Style Now”, and “We Dissent”. Alexander has taught typography and graphic design at the Cooper Union, Fordham University, City College, and SUNY Purchase. He also teaches the history of typeface design at Type@Cooper, the post-graduate certificate program he co-founded in 2010. He is co-director of the annual Typographics conference and created the Lubalin100.com, and Flat File web projects for the Lubalin Center.