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Font Business: A Beginner's Guide Exploring Career Pathways
with Flavia Zimbardi

Congratulations, you’ve just finished type school or designing your first typeface! Now what? Are you ready to become a full-time type designer? Are there jobs even? What does running a foundry look like? Tailored for recent graduates and emerging designers, this workshop explores the intricacies of the type industry, providing practical insights and strategies to empower your career journey with confidence and clarity. From crafting a standout online presence to mastering networking, and collaborations, we'll explore ways to publish your typefaces, connect with a vibrant community, and implement best practices for establishing a successful business.

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Sat, July 13, 2024
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Eastern Time)


About Flavia Zimbardi

Flavia lowres

Flavia Zimbardi is an award-winning type designer and visual artist from Rio de Janeiro currently based in Berlin. Passionate about promoting gender equality and celebrating the diversity of artistic movements in Latin America, she actively collaborates with fellow female designers and infuses Brazilian cultural references into her independent projects. In addition, she frequently partners with esteemed foundries such as Commercial Type and Frere-Jones, and clients such as Google, Pentagram, BBDO, Tyffany & Co, and Penguin Random House. A renowned alumni of the Type@Cooper Extended Program, Flavia made history as the first Brazilian woman to have a typeface awarded by the Type Directors Club in 2018 for her graduation project Lygia, which was also selected for the 8th Latin American Typography Biennial (Tipos Latinos).