Typeface design education from Cooper Union

Richard Lipton

Workshop Instructor
RL bio picture
Richard Lipton is a teacher, type designer and calligrapher. While studying art and design in college, a chance exposure to a dramatic calligraphic piece ignited his passion for letterforms. After transitioning from a career as an independent designer, letterer, and calligrapher, followed by an eight-year stint at Bitstream, Lipton joined Font Bureau; in 2016, he established Lipton Letter Design, one of Type Network’s original foundry partners. Lipton is also on the faculty at RISD, where he teaches type design and has taught calligraphy. His diverse output is characterized by an innate elegance derived from the calligrapher’s hand. He is the designer of many scripts, including Bickham, Sloop, Tangier, Avalon, Savanna and Delaney.