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Rich Roat

Guest Speaker
Rich roat headshot
After picking up a degree in communication from the University of Delaware, Rich held jobs as a communications associate for United Way of Delaware and manager of a service bureau/prepress house. He met Andy Cruz in 1991 and allowed his new friend to talk him into a series of ill-advised but fortunate career moves that led to the formation of Brand Design Co., Inc., and, subsequently House Industries. Rich initially tried to tame the chaos of Andy’s constantly shifting aesthetic sensibilities and obsessive attention to detail; thankfully, he has been largely unsuccessful. He learned to embrace the anarchy and try skim a few bucks off the top of whatever House Industries got into to keep the business on an even keel. In the time that’s left over, he writes arcane product copy, deciphers force-majeure-in-any-and-all-media-now-and-to-be-invented clauses, and attempts to keep his itchy middle finger in check. Rich is a co-author of House Industries: The Process is the Inspiration (Watson Guptill/Penguin Random House, 2017) with Andy Cruz and Ken Barber.

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