Typeface design education from Cooper Union

Matthew Rechs

Guest Speaker
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Matthew is CEO of Business Letters, a coaching and consulting firm for the creative industries. Before its founding in 2019, Matthew led the Fonts, Type, and Typekit teams for Adobe. He joined Typekit prior to its acquisition by Adobe in 2011.  His career on the internet began in the 1980s. At seventeen, he founded one of the first companies solely focused on designing and building dial-up bulletin board systems software for commercial applications. He spent the next 20 years leading the technical teams at several large digital agencies and client service firms. As CTO of digital agency Schematic (now part of WPP) Matthew spent nearly a decade leading the teams that built hundreds of the largest web sites for the world's biggest companies. Among many others, he led the development of the first streaming video players for the primetime TV networks for both ABC and NBC, as well as the first Beijing Winter Olympic Games — the first to stream every event. Matthew lives in Montclair New Jersey with his wife Jennifer and two boys, William and James. He owns a sizable collection of ampersands drawn by famous type designers which travel with him (the ampersands, not the designers) everywhere he goes.

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