Typeface design education from Cooper Union

Kevin Yeh

Workshop Instructor
Kevin headshot
Kevin Yeh is an NYC-based developer with a background in computer vision, graphics and robotic learning. He holds an MS in computer science and film studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and currently holds a full-time position at Nava PBC, where he works with government partners to build simple and reliable public digital services. Prior to Nava, he supported artists and creatives as an engineer at Kickstarter, acted as director of innovation for HackTX, and participated in the hackNY residential fellowship as student and mentor. As a technologist, his work reflects broad and varied interests to imagine, reconstruct, and relate to the natural world through the lenses of augmented reality, computer animation, and mobile hardware. By wrangling complex machinations and building open and accessible tools, he hopes to empower others to experiment with and leverage technology within their own communities to create something new.

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