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Cheryl Akner Koler

Workshop Instructor
Cheryl akner koler
Cheryl Akner Koler's interests pivot around how our everyday aesthetic experiences in the physical world drive creative processes. She teams up with partners from different disciplines and professions to help shape the future where aesthetics sensitivities and aesthetic abstractions are interwoven with each other to develop labs, methods and models with the primary goal to expand the field of applied aesthetics for the professional world of art & design. In her latest artistic research project, HAPTICA (2016-2020) she collaborated with professionals and researchers in the culinary arts to explore haptic perception where we developed aesthetic models and methods between a sculptural/industrial design co ntext at Konstfack, and the culinary arts and performative arts applied in the professional education of chefs and sommelier at Campus Grythyttan, Örebro University. These experiences have profoundly transformed her way of understanding the field of aesthetics by including the proximity sense of smell, taste, and movement in her research and teaching. Her academic positions/ degrees include Professor Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics at the design program, Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and Doctor of Philosophy PhD in practice based artistic research, 2007, Chalmers University of Technology, School of Architecture, Göteborg, Sweden.