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Typography and dyslexia: measuring legibility
with Luciano Perondi and Riccardo Olocco

Are there typefaces that help dyslexics to read?

The purpose of our workshop is to discover whether there are real benefits to be had from using a particular typeface. We will understand which visual variables of the typeface could be worked on to improve reading performance. We will see how to compare typefaces and how the data of an experiment aimed at measuring a reading performance are analysed and can be used.
Are you a typographer, typeface designer or a book designer? You can’t miss this opportunity to get your personal toolset for printing readability.

This workshop will let you know whether it is possible to make an informed decision on which typeface to use to facilitate reading for the ‘tail end of poor readers’. The limits of current scientific knowledge on legibility will be discussed. We will see if there is scientific evidence that supports a particular typographical choice and what are the margins that guarantee expressive freedom without compromising the readability of the text.

This activity is addressed to typographers, typeface designers, book designers and all professionals involved in education publishing. All you need is taking notes and being able to share your screen whether necessary.

At the end you’ll get a complete bibliography and authorised digital copies of selected scientific articles on the topic.

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Thu, June 16, 2022

Where: Online

About Luciano Perondi

CAST Perondi 130x185
Luciano Perondi is a typeface designer from the Italian digital type foundry CAST (Cooperativa Anonima Servizi Tipografici). Perondi is also a researcher, associate professor at the IUAV Venice. He is a member of AIS/Design, Associazione Italiana Storici del Design. Deeply involved with design for special education needs, in recent years he took part in a multidisciplinary team carrying out research into typography and dyslexia.

About Riccardo Olocco

Riccardo olocco
I’m a designer and researcher, visiting research fellow at the University of Reading where in 2019 I completed my PhD 'A new method of analysing printed type: the case of 15th-century Venetian romans'. In the early 2010s I lectured in Typography at the University of Bolzano, and from the late 1990s I freelanced as a type and graphic designer in Milan and elsewhere in northern Italy. I publish articles and lecture across Europe and I’m a board member of the Nebiolo History Project. I'm a member and co-founder of CAST, Cooperativa Anonima Servizi Tipografici.