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Typesetting on the Web
with Stephen Cronin

Typesetting on the web is an 8 week course where participants will learn how to create their own web pages from scratch. During the course participants will be guided through making layouts with a focus on typography. The course will cover a multitude of ways to achieve common layouts and will move onto more advanced ones. Some of the topics introduced will be webfont pairings, variable fonts, responsive and fluid web design, CSS animation, and SVG. The goal of the course is to give participants the ability to author their own web pages using a wide array of techniques that will display across many platforms from large screens to small and print. The course is beginner oriented with no previous experience needed, however a desire to learn HTML and CSS is required.

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Wed, February 21 – Wed, April 11, 2018

Where: On campus

About Stephen Cronin

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Stephen Cronin is a front-end web developer working at The Outline living in Queens. After moving to NYC seven years ago he has spent his time working at web agencies, start ups, and editorial websites including Code and TheoryHYPERHYPER, and The Intercept. He has worked with many renowned designers in the web industry executing high-fidelity designs. During his free time he enjoys creating hand lettering artwork and practicing calligraphy. He has received calligraphy training through public workshops at Type@Cooper and Society of Scribes.