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Type is Alive
with Diego Vainesman and Gary Munch

A typographic-fine arts journey through cemeteries around the world. When we travel to new cities we want to learn and absorb from their cultures. We walk their streets, go to their markets and visit their museums. Modern museums display objects of artistic and cultural significance for the public. For centuries, cemeteries have offered all this, and the combined artistic palette of typography, fine art, and architecture based on the local history.

Please join Type Directors Club’s past presidents Diego Vainesman and Gary Munch exploring that unique palette of more than 80 cemeteries, including: Recoleta (Buenos Aires), Mirogoj (Zagreb), The Magnificent Seven (London), the Longhua Martyrs (Shangai) and many others.

Just as Type is Alive, the souls of those departed are forever remembered in these living museums.

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Mon, July 25, 2022

Where: Rose Auditorium
41 Cooper Square, Manhattan

The Herb Lubalin Lectures are recorded and made available here and on Vimeo with the generous support of TypeCulture.

About Diego Vainesman

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Diego Vainesman, design director.

He runs his own design studio 40N47 Design, Inc. in New York City.

Teaches “Type: Bridging Image and Context” for the MFA Visual Narrative program at the School of Visual Arts.

Judges competitions, gives talks, and teaches design and branding workshops in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Diego was the first Latin president of the Type Directors Club (TDC), and developed Master classes for different audiences. He designed the 25th Annual of the TDC50’s competition, he was Chairman of the TDC52’s competition and judge of the TDC 68th competition. Actually, he is the Club’s Latin American liaison.

He recently published, through Kickstarter, the book “Logo: the face of branding”. He interviewed 40 designers from the five continents.

Clients include: American Express, Art Deco Society of New York, Canon, Hotel Palacio del Inka, Hotel Paracas, Hotel Tambo del Inka, IBM, New York State Democratic Committee, Pfizer, Print Magazine, Saturn, Subaru, The Bronx High School of Science, and Zenith Optimedia.

About Gary Munch

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Gary Munch has been captured by type and letterforms for years. Hand-setting in college, internalizing the ducti for Latin scripts, picking and clicking in Fontographer, then FontLab, he still sees type as a device for communication first. For some time he has been teaching in the wilds of Connecticut's Fairfield County, coaxing others to see how type and text works and looks best. He was on the board of the TDC 2000-2008, and made Candara in collaboration with the Clear Type team at Microsoft, and Ergo & Really for Linotype (now Monotype). His website is madly out of date.