Typeface design education from Cooper Union

Type Design for Non-Type Designers
with Matteo Bologna and Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

Typographics Conference (in-person) ticket holders can have a 10% discount on this workshop. Write to type@cooper.edu for the promo-code to take advantage of this offer before you pay.

In this two-day class, you will learn the basics of designing and generating a variable font with the font-design software Glyphs (Mac only). Go beyond choosing the same typefaces from the type menu to creating your own!

On the first day, we will learn the basics of drawing a font, generate the font, and use it in an Adobe app or a web browser. In the afternoon, we will add additional letters to the font, learning how to space them, add diacritics and punctuation.

On the second day, we will add more letters, design a bold version of the same typeface, create a variable font—and make it animate in a web browser.
At the end of the class, you will probably not have a finished font, but a respectable start and a deep understanding about how fonts are made. And maybe you’ll become a type design addict. You have been warned.

Level and prerequisites: beginner, no prior knowledge necessary. Bring your MacBook.


Sun, June 16 – Mon, June 17, 2024
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Number of sessions: 2

41 Cooper Square at Cooper Union
East 7th Street
New York, NY 10003

Price: 625

About Matteo Bologna

Matteo bologna
Matteo Bologna is the principal of Mucca Design, where he also serves as Creative Director. Under his direction, the Mucca Design team has solved numerous design challenges and created uniquely successful work for a wide variety of global companies like Sephora, Whole Foods, Victoria’s Secret, WeWork, Adobe Systems, Bacardi and Danone. With his team he designed the identities for a variety of now classic New York City culinary destinations like Balthazar’s and Frenchette. Matteo is a past chairman of the Type Directors Club and former board member of AIGA/NY. He frequently lectures about branding and typography around the world.

About Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

Rainer erich scheichelbauer
A trained photographer, Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer holds both a philosophy and a Dutch studies degree. He creates typefaces, works as a digital punchcutter for other type designers, and gives type design workshops on a regular basis. Since he has joined the Glyphs team in 2012, he has been writing articles, tutorials, and Python scripts, as well as the blog and the handbook. He lives and works in Vienna, where he also runs his type studio Schriftlabor.