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The Typographic Details
with Charles Nix

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Okay typography is not okay. Ordinary typography makes for ordinary design, and nobody wants to make ordinary design. But what makes remarkable typography? It’s the details. It’s seeing. It’s knowing what good typography looks like, envisioning a result, and using typographic tools and techniques to achieve your vision.

That sounds easy enough, and in this one-day workshop, that’s what you’ll learn (or relearn) to do. You’ll look at many examples of good text and display typography and type hierarchies across the spectrum of typographic uses. You’ll see what does and doesn’t work. And you’ll learn how to make better type through a series of hands-on design exercises. We’ll end the day with a look at current trends in typography to help inform the decisions you make when choosing and using type.

This course is for people who use type regularly (everybody); for people who are interested in typography (nearly everybody); and for those who want to make better typography and to make it second nature. New typographers (beginners) are welcome.

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Tue, June 21, 2022

Where: On campus

About Charles Nix

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Charles Nix is a Creative Type Director at Monotype. He taught typography and design for two decades at the Parsons School of Design where he also served as Chair of Communication Design. He is Chairman emeritus of the Type Directors Club.