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Synesthesia – Flexible Brand Systems for Music
with Daniel Wenzel

Learn Procedural Thinking and how to develop systems instead of one-off solutions. Design systems allow for flexible and scalable branding and have become the new industry standard for forward thinking visual identities.

Participants will be tasked to come up with processes to visualize music. Depending on your experience and your time commitment, these systems can evolve into hypothetical visual identity and take form in album artworks, event posters/flyers, stage visuals and more.

This course is combining Procedural Thinking, Branding Principles and Data Processing—allowing you to change variables in a system that still expects visual consistency and forcing you to think beyond traditional brand development.

The course is most suitable for mid-level professionals with a base knowledge of traditional design principles and software. It does not require any particular software knowledge or experience.

The students will learn procedural workflows and develop flexible design systems that can be executed with any tool: analog, Adobe Creative Cloud, Animation/Motion graphics tools, programming, etc.


  • Fundamentals of a procedural design workflow
  • Learn to apply procedural thinking to design for the music industry
  • Learn to ideate through improvisation and iteration
  • Learn to develop Tools and Toolkits
  • Learn to create irrefutable systems—executable by a machine or other
  • Develop tools to generate assets with the flexibility to adjust variables while maintaining consistency.
  • Create a comprehensive branding project for a chosen musician, band, or symphony.

Required Materials:

  • A laptop computer
  • Access to design software, including but not limited to Adobe After Effects


Tue, June 25 – Tue, July 30, 2024
6:30–9:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Number of sessions: 6

41 Cooper Square at Cooper Union
East 7th Street
New York, NY 10003

About Daniel Wenzel

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Daniel Wenzel is a German designer and creative technologist based in New York. Specializing in typography and generative processes, he balances at the intersection of art, design, and technology. Daniel has been part of DIA Studio for seven years and currently operates independently. Throughout his career, he has contributed to projects that utilize procedural thinking for the benefit of coherent systems and technological advancement. He has worked for internationally renowned clients including Adidas, Apple, Google, Louis Vuitton, MoMA, Nike and The New York Times. In addition to his professional practice, Daniel has taught the Master Visual Design, Typography program at ELISAVA in Barcelona, given workshops at HEAD Genève and HS Mainz, and lectured at KABK, Weltformat, TDC Inscript, and the MIT Media Lab, among others.