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Spatial Typography in Mixed Reality
with Jialun Wang

Typographics Conference (in-person) ticket holders can have a 10% discount on this workshop. Write to type@cooper.edu for the promo-code to take advantage of this offer before you pay.

Unlock the potential of typography in the immersive realm of mixed reality with this cutting-edge workshop, tailored for designers, artists, and enthusiasts at any skill level. Immerse yourself in an innovative learning experience that blends the tactile charm of traditional typography with the boundless possibilities of digital creation. This beginner-friendly workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore, design, and craft typography within a mixed reality environment.

Participants should have a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator. While we welcome individuals with skills in 3D modeling (such as Blender, C4D), it is not a prerequisite for this workshop. Additionally, prior knowledge of mixed reality is not necessary.

The goal is to acquire skills in Integrated Design & Software focused on the spatial typography of mixed reality and to apply these skills to a potential project.

Participants will work on collaborative projects within the VR world, gain a basic understanding of experiencing mixed reality design, and develop a mini project.

Required Materials

  • Smartphone
  • Laptop with internet connection
  • Pen/pencil and paper for sketching
  • Access to Adobe Creative Cloud

Software Recommendations

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Aero(desktop and mobile)/Reality Composer

Wed, June 12, 2024
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

41 Cooper Square at Cooper Union
East 7th Street
New York, NY 10003

Price: $275

About Jialun Wang

Jaylen Wang bio pic

Jialun Wang (b. Tianjin, China) is a designer, multidisciplinary artist and educator based in Boston. His design practices center around typography, emerging media, and social justice, and he has been the co-founder of Gallon Design since 2021. His creative endeavors revolve around typography and vernacular culture in both physical and digital spaces. His design practice fosters fresh connections between language and culture, the process of encoding and decoding, and the interplay of modality and semiosis.