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Script Logos and Wordmarks
with Ken Barber

It’s crucial for logos to project a unique identity, particularly in today’s competitive marketplace. Script lettering styles offer a diverse range of options for creating marks that are distinctly individual—from elegant to easy-going, or spirited to stylish. In this workshop, participants will learn how to build on a variety of versatile script styles that are especially suited for drawing one-of-a-kind logos and wordmarks.

Students will begin by learning a simple yet adaptable foundational model, concentrating on the proper shape, construction, proportion, and connection of script letterforms. Mono-weight and variable-contrast versions will then be explored, with a focus on the particular advantages —and challenges— that each presents. Finally, students will learn how to effectively modify, compose, and implement the various script styles in different environments. The goal will be to create carefully-crafted marks that demonstrate sufficient restraint for broad application, yet express the necessary personality to engage consumers.

This hands-on workshop will be centered around manual pencil-drawing techniques, and is open to students of all skill levels. Instruction will be accomplished by means of informative handouts, helpful reference material, skill-building exercises, drawing demonstrations, illustrated presentations, and one-on-one guidance.

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Sat, November 10 – Sun, November 11, 2018

Where: On campus

About Ken Barber

Ken Barber
Ken Barber is a letterer, type designer, author, and instructor. He blames Don Martin comics, Santa Cruz skateboard graphics, and speed metal logos for his obsession with letterforms. For over 25 years, Ken has produced distinctive logos for global brands and created award-winning fonts. His work is part of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. Ken is the type director and studio letterer at House Industries. Author of three books, his award-winning Lettering Manual was released in 2020.