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Script Lettering Stylebook
with Ken Barber

Script letters come in all forms and flavors, giving them an unparalleled versatility that’s indispensable to lettering artists. Yet, the dizzying array of script styles can be confusing, and their curvy shapes can make them challenging to draw. This comprehensive 10-week course distills the broad spectrum of script into an accessible stylebook of essential varieties that novices and experienced letterers can use to craft well-made attention-getting cursive lettering with confidence and flair.

We’ll begin with the foundational Roundhand Script, a traditional formal style that is at the heart of much of today’s popular lettering. By deconstructing its parts, you’ll gain a firm understanding of the letters’ basic components and construction. In addition to examining techniques for producing balanced letterforms and layouts, we’ll also review frequent pitfalls so you’re equipped with practical strategies to avoid common mistakes.

Building on these basic principles, you’ll then learn detailed methods for amplifying letterforms with elaborate eye-catching embellishments. We’ll cover the basics of Flourished Script’s decorative strokes, combining them to create intricate and alluring configurations.

Next, we’ll investigate ways to transform conventional script into more powerful and expressive forms. The simple yet sturdy Display Script is a go-to style for logotypes, brand messaging, and packaging.

Finally, we’ll look at Spencerian Lettering and Italian Hand, a pair of wildly ornamented script siblings that have a commanding presence. Their unique profiles are composed of bold strokes contrasted by razor-thin hairlines making for exceptionally voluptuous and lavish forms.

With the help of instructive presentations, live lettering demonstrations, informative handouts, useful diagrams, valuable skill-building exercises, insightful Q&A sessions, and critical one-on-one evaluations, you’ll develop a hands-on approach to producing a range of engaging script lettering in a variety of styles in your personal and professional work.

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Tue, January 31 – Tue, April 18, 2023

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About Ken Barber

Ken Barber
Ken Barber is a letterer, type designer, author, and instructor. He blames Don Martin comics, Santa Cruz skateboard graphics, and speed metal logos for his obsession with letterforms. For over 25 years, Ken has produced distinctive logos for global brands and created award-winning fonts. His work is part of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. Ken is the type director and studio letterer at House Industries. Author of three books, his award-winning Lettering Manual was released in 2020.