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Let’s Make a Weather App
with Edward Liu and Greg Skiano

How does information design help people make decisions?

In this 10-session course, students will design and prototype a simple weather app. They will explore how data-driven applications act on various levels—informing, interpreting, responding, and inducing—shaping the relationship between designer, data, and user. In doing so they’ll learn to be more purposeful in their treatment of data. By the end, students will feel more comfortable selecting appropriate data visualizations, be familiar with basic aspects of D3.js for prototyping their ideas, and see how their design decisions impact users.

All sessions will be remote and synchronous, including lectures, technical demonstrations, and group critique. Students will need to do independent work outside class to be successful, and once completed, they should have a product case study suitable for inclusion in a UX portfolio, consisting of process sketches, mockups, and basic prototyping.

Students should have experience with visual or interaction design, an interest in data and product development, and at least a willingness to get their hands dirty with code.


  • Consider personas and use cases.
  • Purposefully select data visualizations.
  • Get a taste of basic prototyping.
  • Consider tradeos (convenience vs robustness, control vs empowerment and so on).


  • Process sketches and/or wireframes
  • At least four screens mocked up, corresponding to the four levels
  • Rudimentary prototypes of at least two app details (e.g. a specific chart table, or interaction)
  • A case study showcasing the process, mockups, and prototypes

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Tue, March 12 – Thu, April 11, 2024

Number of sessions: 10


About Edward Liu

Edward Liu

Edward Liu is a User Experience Manager, currently working as Head of UX at Morgan Stanley Investment Management. His nonlinear path into design has included stints working in Zurich, Beijing, and London. He completed his MA Information Design at The University of Reading in 2012. Shortly after, he worked at Holmes Wood, a wayfinding studio, serving clients such as the V&A Museum. He returned to his roots in Ohio, where he worked at multiple agencies, JPMorgan, and Cardinal Health. He has also been a mentor at Startup Weekend and is on ADPList. Outside of work, he enjoys tennis, printmaking, photography, and spending time with his wife & son.

About Greg Skiano

Greg Skiano

Greg Skiano lives and works in San Diego, California. He studied art and design at The Cooper Union from 2008–2012. Professionally, he writes software and occasionally designs things for companies small and large, including Dow Jones, The New York Times, and Oneworld Alliance. Personally, he continues to make art and enjoys reading and philosophy.