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Introduction to Lettering 1200x400

Introduction to Lettering
with Ken Barber

Lettering has become an increasingly marketable, if not essential, skill for artists working in design and advertising. The warmth and personality of hand-drawn letterforms can hardly be matched by off-the-shelf fonts. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to get the most out of lettering in a variety of applications.

Participants will begin by gaining a solid basis in the main principles that make for successful lettering. Referring to familiar typographic models and helpful specimens, students will then learn how to customize letterforms as they draw their own logos and wordmarks. Comprehensive slide presentations, informative sketching demonstrations, skill-building exercises, professional case studies, and valuable one-on-one critiques will provide further guidance as attendees acquire a practical foundation for implementing one-of-a-kind lettering in numerous design contexts.

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Wed, June 28 – Wed, July 19, 2023

Where: Online

About Ken Barber

Ken Barber
Ken Barber is a letterer, type designer, author, and instructor. He blames Don Martin comics, Santa Cruz skateboard graphics, and speed metal logos for his obsession with letterforms. For over 25 years, Ken has produced distinctive logos for global brands and created award-winning fonts. His work is part of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. Ken is the type director and studio letterer at House Industries. Author of three books, his award-winning Lettering Manual was released in 2020.