Typeface design education from Cooper Union
Infodesign 05

Introduction to Information Design and Data Visualization
with Olivia Glennon

This is an 10-week project-based course to introduce students to designing and working with data. There will be a mix of code and non-coding design projects that use data as source material. We will discuss not only the technical and graphic design considerations when working with data, but also interactivity, translating data for different types of audiences, and storytelling with data. Projects will be worked on in and outside of class over the course of a few weeks each with group crits at the end of each one.

At the end of this course, you will be comfortable sketching and designing with code and data.

No prior coding experience is necessary for this course. Having some prior graphic design knowledge or training is beneficial.

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Tue, March 15 – Tue, May 3, 2022

Number of sessions: 10

Where: Online

About Olivia Glennon

Olivia glennon
Olivia Glennon is a designer, software engineer, and project lead for Fathom Information Design in Boston, MA. With Fathom, she has worked on projects for GE, National Geographic, and Mayo Clinic. Currently, she leads Fathom’s efforts in building tools for scientists and response teams studying and working to contain the spread of COVID-19. She graduated from the Cooper Union with a BFA in 2014.