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Grid and grits 3

Grids & Grits
with Tânia Raposo

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Are you a systematic person that cringes at the sight of an object misaligned? Do you want to keep everything in a grid but you don’t know how to create one? Look no further, this workshop is for you!
In this 1 day workshop, learn about different kinds of grids, how to use them and break them.
In this workshop we will go through the history of the different grid methods, we will be using pencil and tracing paper to analyse in-use grids from magazines and books, and you will learn how to create grids and how to keep your text aligned to it in Adobe InDesign.
Come learn how it can be useful to be slightly OCD! It will make you a better typographer.

We will be working in Adobe InDesign, so a recent version (CS4 or later) of the application and a laptop is required.

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Mon, June 12, 2017

Where: On campus

About Tânia Raposo

Tania raposo
Tânia Raposo is a Portuguese designer specialised in typography. She is currently based in the Netherlands, working as a freelance graphic/type designer, researcher and archivist. She is a graduate of the KABKʼs TypeMedia Master, and has previously worked as a graphic designer for the studios Itemzero in Lisbon and Atlas in Palma de Mallorca, as a curatorial assistant at the Letterform Archive and for Cooper Union as the Program Coordinator and teacher for Type@Cooper West in San Francisco.