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with Zrinka Buljubašić

Already have an original Latin typeface design in its final design phases and looking to level up with Cyrillic support? Join this 6-week online workshop focused on extending your existing Latin typeface to include Cyrillic characters where you will get practical insights into the history of Cyrillic script, the construction of Cyrillic letterforms, and different character sets and languages which use the Cyrillic alphabet.

You will learn to grasp the construction logic of Cyrillic letterforms through writing and sketching exercises, and then apply this understanding to the design of a character set that integrates with your Latin design, avoiding common mistakes. Each session includes lectures and demonstrations followed by exercises and constructive feedback. There will be homework after each class, with additional guidance and feedback provided on Slack.

Students are expected to have an original design in progress and working knowledge of font editors.

Required Materials:

  • Your Latin typeface WIP
  • Mac computer (laptop or desktop)
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • Zoom account and app recommended
  • Slack account (an invitation to a class group will be sent to each participant)
  • Adobe InDesign to test the fonts
  • Black markers,
  • pencils
  • 3.8 mm Pilot Parallel Pen (add link: https://www.paperinkarts.com/pilot-parallel-pen.html)
  • Eraser
  • White-out correction fluid
  • White non-bleeding sketch paper
  • Robofont, a free temporary educational license will be issued to each student enrolled
  • Access to a B&W laser printer for proofing (1200 dpi recommended)

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All times are listed in US Eastern.

A recurring Zoom meeting link will be sent to you a day or two before the start of this class.

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Mon, April 22 – Mon, May 27, 2024
6:30–9:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Number of sessions: 6


Price: $800

About Zrinka Buljubašić

Zrinka pp
Zrinka is a Croatian type and graphic designer currently based in Mexico. She holds a Masters degree in Typeface Design from TypeMedia Programme at KABK, Netherlands, and is a graduate of Type@Cooper’s Condensed Program in New York. She also holds a Masters degree from Art Academy of Split Croatia in New Media Design and a Baccalaureus Degree in Visual Communication Design. Having previously worked as a UX/UI and Visual designer for a decade, her work focuses mainly on blending type, digital media and printing techniques. Currently she runs DualType studio with Gen Ramirez.