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Artificial Images: Generating Images from Text
with Derrick Schultz

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The past year has seen an explosion of AI tools that can generate images from a simple text prompt. In this workshop we’ll explore the models and tools that make it all possible. Along the way participants will learn tips and tricks to control their image’s content and style by understanding how these machine learning tools work.

Great for anyone intrigued by this cutting edge technology but unsure where to start, this workshop will be a mix of lectures on the theory behind image to text machine learning and hands on exploration creating images and videos. We’ll also talk about the potential downsides of machine learning image creation and ethical implications.

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Mon, June 20, 2022, 2024

Where: On campus

About Derrick Schultz

Schultz bio
Artificial Images is the art practice of Derrick Schultz. Utilizing machine learning and other computational techniques, his work explores , digital incantations, and computational filmmaking. In addition to creating his own work, Derrick also teaches machine learning to artists, designers, and image makers. Artificial Images courses combine small group personal instruction with a digital community from across the world.