Type@Cooper - Principles of Typeface Design: Pen to Pixel

Principles of Typeface Design: Pen to Pixel

with Hannes Famira

Tue., Feb. 02 – Tue., Apr. 05, 2016
6:30PM – 9:30PM
location: On campus

This course is for anyone who has always wanted to design their own typeface, but is unsure where to start. Or for those who just love type, and wish they knew more about how it works. The participants will engage with the fundamental methods, tools and principles involved in the making of a digital typeface. For participants with more ambitious personal goals additional guidance will be provided for efforts between class sessions.

The course will take the participants from basic sketching through hand-drawn type to the digization of their own, original letter forms. Working with each student step by step through the process of creating a working typeface of their very own, this course will provide a fundamental understanding of how typefaces work, both technically and aesthetically, and experience in making them.

Beginners are welcome, as are more experienced participants. A working knowledge of bézier drawing tools (ie. the pen tool in Illustrator) as well as some background with either lettering or typography are recommended but not required. Students must be able to work on their own laptop, running Mac OS 10.6 or higher; free temporary licenses for Robofont, the new standard application for typeface design, will be made available to all participants.

    Required Materials

  • 4h or harder pencil
  • 18" ruler
  • black felt tip markers of all different sizes from fine liner to super fat Sharpie
  • paper 11" × 17"
  • portfolio or any other means to transport tabloid sized work unharmed
  • laptop, running Mac OS 10.6 or higher

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Instructor: Hannes Famira

Principles of Typeface Design: Pen to Pixel
Hannes Famira is a graduate of the KABK (Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague) in the Netherlands and founding principal of Famirafonts (formerly Kombinat-Typefounders). He is a graphic designer and type designer with 17 years of teaching experience in both disciplines at various schools and universities such as School for Design in Basel, Switzerland (SfG), Type@Cooper and The Cooper Union, School of Visual Arts (SVA), and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After 30 years in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland he now lives in Brooklyn, NY. Hannes has been teaching in the Type@Cooper Extended and Condensed programs at the The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art since January 2011.

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