Type@Cooper - How to Code All Your Graphic Design: Designing the Design Process with PageBot

How to Code All Your Graphic Design: Designing the Design Process with PageBot

with Petr van Blokland

Mon., Jun. 19 – Thu., Jun. 22, 2017
10:00AM – 5:00PM
location: On campus

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Did you ever wonder why existing design tools make you do so much repetitive work?
Why is it difficult to get back to sketching once your design tools take over?

This course will address

Sketching techniques
How to use the same content, parameters and algorithms for all types of publications
Live usage of variation fonts in your designs
PageBot basics and some DrawBot (drawbot.com) where necessary. Previous experience with DrawBot helps, but is not required
Prototyping groups of publications i.e. corporate identities, manuals, magazines, posters, specimens, graphs, info-graphics, signage and t-shirts
Building expert systems in code to avoid repetitive work
How to export generative designs to any medium (PDF, SVG, JPG, PNG, animated GIF, .MOV and the principles of exporting HTML/CSS/JS)

As a designer (who is not a programmer) which part of the following working script don’t you understand?

contentPath = ‘/here_is/myContent/’
imagesPath = ‘/here_is/myImages/'
magazine = Magazine( contentPath, imagesPath )
magazine.compose( )

    Required Materials

  • Laptop running OS X
  • Extension cord
  • Empty sketchbook and drawing tools
  • Optionally, bring some of your previous sketches and final design projects

This workshop is intended for designers who want to code and for developers who want to design. Even if you decide that coding your designs isn’t what you want to do yourself, you will learn how to talk to developers.

You’ll be sketching and coding in a couple of hours! Previous experience with DrawBot and Python coding is not required, but is helpful to follow this course and to execute the course projects.

Instructor: Petr van Blokland

How to Code All Your Graphic Design: Designing the Design Process with PageBot
Born in Gouda, The Netherlands, in 1956, Petr van Blokland graduated Cum Laude from the graphic arts program at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague. He has been a freelance designer since 1980. He specializes in systematic design – typically building directories, forms systems, corporate identity programs, etc. He has taught graphic design, typography, and type design for many years at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague and at the Academy of Fine Arts, Arnhem. His first typeface is Proforma, a large series commissioned by Purup, Danish manufacturer of forms preparation systems, now released for general use by Font Bureau. His work brought him ATypI’s coveted Charles Peignot Prize in 1988. His statements on typeface design are well-known: On Quality “The same bottomline that applies to typography also applies to typefaces: when no one notices, the aim has been accomplished.” On Experience “To be accomplished in all aspects of the design process is the fundamental demand on the designer. Experience and talent counts, not the availability of equipment.” On Digitization “By carrying out the digitization as an integral part of the design process, maximum control is exercised over the eventual reproducing of the typeface, thereby avoiding any errors of interpretation.” On New Typefaces “Why design a new typeface? After all, there are so many. There is a misconception that typefaces are not designed. They are simply here. Yet new typefaces are designed and this need is increasingly present in view of the current technological advances.”

• Buro Petr van Blokland and Claudia Mens