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Type Specimens on the Web
with Marie Otsuka

Typographics Conference (in-person) ticket holders can have a 10% discount on this workshop. Write to type@cooper.edu for the promo-code to take advantage of this offer before you pay.

What might be the best way to present a typeface on the web? This workshop will explore ways of displaying type on screens beyond the generic “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,” and how you might tailor a web specimen specifically for the typeface. 

This workshop is intended for designers new to typography in the browser and will cover how to work with fonts on the web. Through demos and hands-on coding, we will learn various ways to express digital type directly with HTML & CSS — ranging from loading a webfont to animating variable fonts. Instruction will cover ways to control typographic composition while covering techniques for basic interactivity on the web. Participants will need no prior knowledge of these languages for this workshop but should be prepared to dive into creative coding. While trial fonts can be provided for exercises, it would be best to come with a chosen typeface to work with for the workshop.

Required Materials

  • Laptop
  • Chrome / Firefox browser
  • One or more fonts — this can either your own finished / in-progress typeface , or a webfont you own
  • Text Editor (we’ll cover this in class)

Mon, June 17 – Tue, June 18, 2024
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Number of sessions: 2


Price: $535

About Marie Otsuka

Motsuka profile

Marie Otsuka works on fonts, websites, tools, and books, often together and in relation. She draws type and programs tools at the type foundry Occupant Fonts, while collaborating with a range of authors, artists, and organizations independently as a designer / developer. Her approach focuses on context-specific typography and interaction.