Type@Cooper - Understanding Script Lettering

Understanding Script Lettering

with Victoria Rushton

Sat., Mar. 11 – Sun., Mar. 12, 2017
10:00AM – 5:00PM
location: The Monotype Classroom at Letterform Archive

In this workshop, we’ll each bring in photographs of script lettering — or pick one from a selection of the Letterform Archive’s collection — and learn how to draw in that style while making it our own. We’ll learn to extrapolate how other letters would behave in that style, discuss overall guidelines for drawing scripts as well as style-specific rules, learn to thumbnail and make balanced compositions, and finally have the option to finalize our sketches on paper or go digital and brush up on best vector drawing practices. Design experience is helpful but not necessary. Drawing scripts from scratch can be daunting, but using references as a jumping off point for original work is fun and satisfying practice.

    Required Materials

  • Pencils, preferably mechanical
  • Erasers
  • Black pens and markers (whatever you’re comfortable with)
  • White-out
  • White paper
  • Tracing paper or vellum
  • Scissors

• Historical (not contemporary) script lettering reference photos
• Laptop with Robofont or Adobe Illustrator

Instructor: Victoria Rushton

Understanding Script Lettering
After graduating from RISD with an degree in illustration, Victoria was trained to design typefaces by the great people at Font Bureau. Now she runs a type foundry with TypeNetwork, where she releases her own original typefaces. She also does custom fonts for clients, and lettering for everyone, whether they want it or not.

• victoriarushton.com