Type@Cooper - Type Family Planning

Type Family Planning


Sat., Jan. 31 – Sun., Feb. 01, 2015
10:00AM – 5:00PM
This is an in-depth investigation of strategies and practical techniques for developing a typographic family or superfamily based on the type design that participants in the Extended Program have developed during the Fall term. Drawing, sketching, digitizing and the use of software design processes such as interpolation will be demonstrated and employed in exploring alternative directions for development.
Approaches to the harmonization of roman and italic versions will serve as a starting point. The role of weight, condensation/expansion, and other variables will be explored from the point of view of functionality as well as social and aesthetic meaning.
Topics will include designing recently explored (and unexplored) kinds of typographic combinations such as serif and sans serif versions. The goal of the workshop will be for each participant to develop a preliminary plan for a typographic family based on the design they have already completed.
  • the usual drawing materials
  • your laptop