Type@Cooper - The Tools & Technology

The Tools & Technology

with Rob Saunders

Tue., Jan. 26 – Tue., Mar. 29, 2016
6:30PM – 8:30PM
location: The Monotype Classroom at Letterform Archive

This course focuses on the role that changes in tools and technology have had on the evolution of the letterform. Technological innovations often open new possibilities but also come with unique limitations, both of which create an environment for creative solutions. Special attention will be paid to the major technological landmarks and their influence on typeface design. Topics will include: Evolution of the Letterform, Typefounding & hot-metal typesetting, Phototypesetting, Typeface Design & Newspaper, Stencil Types, Matthew Carter’s Bell Centennial.

Instructor: Rob Saunders

The Tools & Technology
Rob Saunders is the curator and chairman of the Board of Directors of the Letterform Archive. He is a designer, teacher, publisher, and management consultant. He taught at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Tufts University, while serving freelance clients and agencies, before founding a book publishing enterprise that included Alphabet Press (graphic design), Picture Book Studio (children’s books), and Rabbit Ears Books (book/audio packages), which was acquired by Simon & Schuster. Prior to becoming Curator of Letterform Archive he served as a creative and marketing consultant with clients in the hospitality, technology, and financial industries.

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