Type@Cooper - Tailored Typography

Tailored Typography

with Dan Rhatigan

Mon., Oct. 14 – Mon., Oct. 14, 2013
6:30PM – 8:30PM
location: Rose Auditorium

There are many typefaces available to us today whose forms are inventive solutions to very specific problems of type manufacture, typesetting restrictions, or printing issues. As those designs become part of the overall typographic landscape, it’s easy to forget how closely connected it is to the original problem, or how much potential there is try something new to solve a new problem. Looking at some now-classic typefaces, we’ll see how they turned out the way they did, and hopefully encourage some fresh responses to newer challenges.
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Lecturer: Dan Rhatigan

Tailored Typography
Dan Rhatigan works with Adobe Typekit in New York as the Senior Manager of Adobe Type. He has over 25 years of eclectic experience in various industries as a typesetter, graphic designer, typeface designer, and teacher, including several years in London and New York serving as Type Director for Monotype. He has a BFA in graphic design from Boston University, and MA in typeface design from the University of Reading in the UK, and a very tattered passport.

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