Type@Cooper - Pardon My Accent

Pardon My Accent

with Ben Kiel

Wed., Jun. 05 – Thu., Jun. 06, 2013
10:00AM – 5:00PM
location: New Academic Building

A font filled out with only glyphs for English is limited in this globally connected world. However, building out your typeface design’s glyph coverage can be a daunting challenge. This workshop will go over some ways to take the complexity out of teaching your typeface to be multilingual. We’ll examine how to determine what languages you want to cover, accent design and placement, tools to automate accent building, and how to face down the kerning challenge of many new glyphs.
  • Students should bring a typeface design that they want to extend the glyph coverage for.
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Lecturer: Ben Kiel

Pardon My Accent
Ben Kiel is a typeface designer, an educator, and a partner in XYZ Type. Ben worked for several years at House Industries, with a specialty in solving complex problems at the overlap of design and technology. He received his MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading. He currently teaches at Washington University in Saint Louis and Type@Cooper.

• www.benkiel.com