Type@Cooper - Micro & Macro Typography

Micro & Macro Typography

with Tânia Raposo

Tue., May. 17 – Tue., Jul. 12, 2016
6:30PM – 9:30PM
location: Letterform Archive Reading Room

Typography is one of the keystones of graphic design, but mastering typographic skills can be a daunting task.
Fear no more, in this class you will learn about typography on both macro and micro level – such as making good type selections, pairing typefaces, solving intricate typographic hierarchies, fine tuning long passages of text, and building typographic grids.
Through a series of lectures, assignments, discussions and demonstrations, you will complete this class to be a more typographically savvy designer. You will learn how and when to properly use dashes, get acquainted with OpenType features and master the glyph palette.
This is not a class for absolute beginners; rather, it is targeted ​towards designers and students who strive to improve their typography game.
We will be working in Adobe InDesign, so a recent version (CS4 or later) of the application is required.

    Required Materials

  • Laptop with a version of InDesign CS4 or later
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • tracing paper

Please note: This class will meet for 9 Tuesday evenings.

Instructor: Tânia Raposo

Micro & Macro Typography
Tânia Raposo is a type and graphic designer from Portugal. She received her Graphic Design BFA at ESAD.IPL, Portugal and her Type and Media Master’s degree at KABK, Netherlands. She has worked as a graphic designer for the studios Itemzero in Lisbon and Atlas in Palma de Mallorca and as a curatorial assistant at the Letterform Archive. At the moment she is the Program Coordinator for Type@Cooper West and works as a freelance graphic and type designer.

After moving around Europe and the US she has now settled in the Bay Area. 
She buys too many books, collects stamps that look good and wishes one day Nick Sherman will take her to a Monster Truck Show. This wish has been granted.

• Tânia Raposo