Type@Cooper - Italic Calligraphy: A Bold Approach

Italic Calligraphy: A Bold Approach

with Richard Lipton

Sat., Apr. 30 – Sun., May. 01, 2016
10:00AM – 5:00PM
location: On campus

This calligraphy workshop will have a dual purpose. It will offer its students a chance to work large on fundamental italic styles—at any level of experience—in addition to focusing on layout by learning to arrange these letterforms in the most effective and dramatic way possible to communicate your message with the use of contrasting sizes and styles. The effect of a tight and functional layout cannot be underestimated and can even make up for inexperienced lettering technique. Day one will cover an introduction to working on large italics with an 18mm wide Copic chisel-edged marker and a 6mm Pilot calligraphy pen. On day two, using these tools on one or two of your favorite short quotes, we will focus on putting your lettering and layout skills together into an effective piece of design.

    Required Materials

  • A large roll of inexpensive bond or kraft paper (roughly 12” x 25-50’). Don’t get tracing paper.
  • If you prefer, a large pad or loose sheets (at least 18 x 24) of bond paper.
  • A 24” straight edge and pencil for drawing guidelines.
  • A Copic 100 Wide (18mm) marker—with black ink (buy one or two extra Copic ‘Various’ black ink refills). The included nib is angled and will be replaced with…
  • Copic 18mm Broad Calligraphy nib. The nib is straight, also called ‘Wide’ or ‘Optional’ nib. (Not needed if you are a lefty).
  • Pilot Parallel 6mm calligraphy pen. Buy a box of extra black ink cartridges for these pens

Recommended supplier for the pens:

Parallel Pen
Wide Copic Marker

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Instructor: Richard Lipton

Italic Calligraphy: A Bold Approach
Richard Lipton has been making exquisite letterforms for over 40 years. He was introduced to the magic of calligraphy while studying art and design at Harpur College in upstate New York. He continued his lettering journey in 1975 as a freelance calligrapher, sign painter and graphic designer and established a calligraphy studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1983, Lipton began working for Bitstream, an innovative digital type foundry under the guidance of Mike Parker and Matthew Carter, eventually helping to make Bitstream’s type library one of the most respected in the industry. In his tenure as senior designer, Lipton developed two original type families: Arrus, and Cataneo (with Jacqueline Sakwa). In 1991, Lipton created an independent type and calligraphy studio and designed many original typefaces including Bickham Script Pro for Adobe and Sloop for Font Bureau. He is currently a senior designer at Font Bureau where he develops original typefaces and custom fonts for international clients. He is currently on the faculty at RISD where he teaches type design and calligraphy.

• The Font Bureau Inc.