Type@Cooper - Introduction to Typeface Design

Introduction to Typeface Design

with Stéphane Elbaz

Tue., Oct. 06 – Tue., Dec. 08, 2015
6:30PM – 9:30PM
location: On campus

This course introduces basic principles and techniques of typeface design. Basing their digital typeface on historical sources, students cultivate skills of observation, analysis, and problem-solving. Students will leave the course prepared for more ambitious projects in the second and third terms.

Lecturer: Stéphane Elbaz

Introduction to Typeface Design
Originally from Paris, France, Stéphane Elbaz is a graphic and type designer currently living and working in New York City. He recently joined First Look Media where he serves as Head of Product Design, Magazines. In the last few years he devoted much of his time to digital publishing platforms. In addition, he continued his type and brand design practice.
For Code and Theory he led visual design on various projects including Vanity Fair and GQ for Condé Nast France, the LA Times, Interview, and Art in America. As an independent designer, Stephane recently created a brand typeface for Sephora and participated in brand projects for companies in sectors ranging from culture and fashion to the energy industry. In 2009 he was awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design from the Type Directors Club of New York for his type family Geneo.

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