Type@Cooper - Gudrun Zapf on Her Centennial

Gudrun Zapf on Her Centennial

with Jerry Kelly

Mon., Feb. 25
6:30PM – 8:30PM
location: Rose Auditorium

In her biography of Adobe type designer Carol Twombly, Nancy Stock-Allen cited Gudrun Zapf as the first woman who made a career as a type designer. Jovica Veljovic, a great type designer himself, has called Gudrun Zapf’s Diotima type the greatest type of the twentieth century. Yet, despite a couple of monographs, Gudrun Zapf’s work as a calligrapher, type designer, and bookbinder is not very well known. No doubt this is partly due to her being overshadowed by her tremendously talented husband, Hermann Zapf, who also worked in the fields of calligraphy and type design; and partly it is because of Gudrun's modest and self-effacing nature. In this lecture, we will dive deeper into the work of this exceptional artist, who has made a major contribution to the worlds of alphabet design and book art.

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Lecturer: Jerry Kelly

Gudrun Zapf on Her Centennial
Jerry Kelly is a book designer, calligrapher, type designer, and typographer based in New York City. After jobs in advertising typography and calligraphy, he worked for ten years at the Press of A. Colish (Mt Vernon, NY), and then for nine years for The Stinehour Press (Lunenburg, VT), before establishing his own firm in 1999. In those positions he has designed many award-winning books for clients too numerous to mention. He has been a partner at the Kelly-Winterton Press (a small letterpress operation) since 1978, and a free-lance designer and calligrapher for almost as long. In addition, he is a partner at Nonpareil Type, a small, independent typefoundry specializing in revivals of under-appreciated typefaces from the past (such as Emerson and Epigramatta) alongside with new, original designs (Rilke, Kelly Sans, etc.). He has taught calligraphy, typography, and book production & design at Parson’s School of Design (1997–2006), Stanford University (1998), Queens College, The Center for Book Arts, Camberwell College (London, England) and elsewhere.

Among his numerous publications are books including The Best of Both Worlds: Finely Printed Livres d’Artistes, 1910–2010 (Godine, 2011), The Art of the Book in the Twentieth Century (RIT, 2011), Fine Printing in the Twentieth Century
(Grolier Club, 2005), The Fine Art of Letters: The Work of Hermann Zapf (Grolier Club, 2000), A Century for the Century (Godine, 2004), Artist & Alphabet (AIGA, 1999), The Art of the Type Specimen (ITC, 1992), & German Fine Printing 1948–1988 (Grolier Club, 1988). He has also published numerous articles for the AIGA Journal, Fine Print, Printing History, Matrix, Calligraphy Review, Visible Language, Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, and other periodicals.

Kelly holds a BA in Fine Arts from Queens College, CUNY, and has also studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology (Master Classes in Calligraphy with Hermann Zapf, 1979-1988) and Cooper Union (Digital Type Design, 2006).

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