Type@Cooper - Font Production For An Expanding Family

Font Production For An Expanding Family

with Andy Clymer

Sat., Mar. 14 – Sun., Mar. 15, 2015
10:00AM – 5:00PM
This class will serve as an introduction to the best practices for working with a family of type as it expands to include additional styles, such as a range of additional weights, a companion Italic style, or small caps and alternate drawings of glyphs. This is a moment to get font naming tables in order for proper style linking between Roman and Italic styles, as well as to reaffirm that glyph names and Unicode values are correct before extending a family with OpenType features, and to make the kinds of necessary corrections to a glyph's drawing to allow for high quality interpolations of intermediate weights between separate font masters.

The class is geared toward the point that current Type@Cooper students will be with their designs, but the class could also be useful to students from previous years who wish to refresh their production skills. Please write type@cooper.edu if you are interested in participating in this workshop to confirm that you are at the right experience level.

Lecturer: Andy Clymer

Font Production For An Expanding Family
Andy Clymer is a typeface designer and developer living in New York City and has been an instructor in the Type@Cooper program since 2011. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design from San Diego State University and a Master of Design degree in type design from the Type & Media postgraduate course at the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (Royal Academy of Art) in The Hague, Netherlands. Until May of 2018, Andy had worked for almost thirteen years at the Hoefler&Co. type foundry, where he contributed to the typefaces Vitesse, Forza, Ideal Sans, Archer, Surveyor, and spearheaded the design of Operator and Obsidian.

• Andy Clymer