Wed., Jun. 12 – Wed., Jun. 12, 2019
10:00AM – 5:00PM
tuition: $ 230

location: On campus

Typographics attendees can receive a 10% discount on this workshop. Look for the discount code on the ticket confirmation from Eventbrite.

Design development for exhibitions can be demanding. If you are in exhibition design you have probably dealt with Excel and Word documents as sources. Both have pros and cons, but definitely, Word docs are trickier. This intense six-hour workshop will give you strategies and techniques to boost your productivity in both workflows. From preparing documents to producing hundreds or thousands of refined captions, what you will learn here is going to increase your productivity in many other types of projects as well.

We will build two workflows, one based on Word and the other on Excel. In both, we start by analyzing and preparing the source documents. Then we prepare the InDesign template for the "fake" or real Data Merge import. You will learn advanced Grep Styles techniques to format tagged content (italic, bold etc...) along with a toolbox of other powerful functionalities.

To validate all these techniques and strategies, we will generate 109 captions from a real exhibition with all typographic subtleties and italics in place. It may not sound as much, but with this workflow and the templates, we will build you could run thousands of captions multiple times without going nuts. In the end, you will be challenged to format a complex and typographic rich caption with a single click. Buckle up, you're in for an intense day!

These workflows are based in Word, Excel and InDesign, so you need to bring your own laptop with all these software installed. Latest versions are preferred, but Word/Excel 2010+ and InDesign CS6+ will do. Mac and PC friendly.

Instructor: Gustavo Soares

Gustavo Soares works as a type, typography and information design specialist. His background in magazine design set out his interest in type and information architecture, both pursued further with two masters degrees: MA Information Design awarded by the University of Reading, UK; and MA Type and Media, awarded by the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), NL.

In those years Gustavo learned to constantly reflect on practice, model what works and define effective workflows. His expertise found fertile grounds in extensive temporary and permanent wayfinding. Gustavo has worked as design lead or external consultant for projects like FIFA 2014 World Cup, Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Walk Rio and International Airports and Hospitals in Brazil.

By having designed and published retail and custom fonts, he has an in-depth understanding of how type works. His productivity workflows always explore and take into consideration refined hierarchies and micro-typography.

Gustavo has been Member of the Jury for two editions of the Bienal Tipo Latinos (2014, 2016) and hundreds of designers have attended his workshops in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. Currently, Gustavo is the Wayfinding Lead for Lima 2019 Pan-American Games.