Type@Cooper - Erik vs James

Sat., Jun. 23 – Sun., Jun. 24, 2018
10:00AM – 5:00PM
location: The Monotype Classroom at Letterform Archive

Day 1: Lettering
In day one of this experimental sketching frenzy, Erik will lead drawing experiments using familiar analog tools in unexpected ways. While gradually narrowing down the directions into a single idea, each parameter will be tested to make sure the work is a heightened expression of itself.

Day 2: Type
During day two, Erik will leave the students high and dry, like the deadbeat dad he is. James will then carry the torch to encourage further refinement of the work that allows it to act as a typeface. No computers will be used to digitize shapes. Instead, we will scan drawings made with pen and whiteout to create an analog typeface that can be pasted down for testing.

The tools, methods, and techniques of this intense work session will be old-fashioned and pedestrian, but the results will be contemporary, experimental, and contain the potential of pushing type design forward.

Instructor: Erik Marinovich

Erik vs James
Erik Marinovich is a San Francisco based lettering artist and designer, and is a co-founder of Friends of Type. Since 2009 he has drawn letters, logos and type for nice folks like: Nike, Target, Google, Hilton, Facebook, Sonos, Sharpie, The Criterion Collection, Air Canada, Gap, Ford Motor Company. In 2012 he co-founded Title Case, a creative work space that conducts workshops and lectures. Between client work, teaching and side-projects, you’ll find him on the road promoting Keep Fresh Stay Rad and Let’s Go Letter Hunting, two new releases from Friends of Type published by Princeton Architectural Press.

Instructor: James Edmondson

Erik vs James
After graduating from California College of the Arts, James received a masters from the TypeMedia program at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands. James lives in San Francisco, and runs OH no Type Company, an independent foundry focussed on display faces and expressive lettering.

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