Type@Cooper - Designing Companion Typefaces

Designing Companion Typefaces

with Sumner Stone

Mon., May. 16 – Mon., Aug. 01, 2016
6:30PM – 9:30PM
location: The Monotype Classroom at Letterform Archive

The development of a companion typeface for the design developed during term 1 will be the primary focus of second term. Inspiration for this design may come from the work done during the first term and from other sources. Approaches to a design process that is tailored to the special characteristics of each project will be supplemented with a progressively deeper level of the technical detail inherent in type design. Conceptual and historical material about the structure of typeface families and their uses will serve as a framework for each participant to plan and extend their own typeface family.

    Required Materials

  • the usual drawing tools
  • your laptop

Note: class will not meet on May 30th or July 4th.

Instructor: Sumner Stone

Designing Companion Typefaces
Sumner Stone is a type designer, type founder, author, and teacher. From 1984–1989 he was Director of Typography for Adobe Systems where he conceived and implemented Adobe’s typographic program including the Adobe Originals. In 1990 he founded Stone Type Foundry Inc., now located in Rumsey, California. The Foundry designs and produces new typefaces and creates custom designs for a diverse range of clients including Hallmark Cards, Stanford University, The San Francisco Public Library, Daedalus: Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, The Greenwood Press, Arion Press, and Full Belly Farm. His type designs include the popular ITC Stone Sans and the prize-winning ITC Bodoni. His most recent type designs are Davanti, Sator, and Popvlvs.

• Stone Type Foundry