Type@Cooper - Calligraphy: Italic Variations

Calligraphy: Italic Variations

with Cara Di Edwardo

Wed., Jun. 03 – Wed., Jul. 29, 2015
6:30PM – 9:30PM
location: On campus

Chancery Cursive, Cancellarsca, Formal Italic, Running Hand, Humanist Cursive, Italic handwriting these are all names that refer to the variations that comprise a category of writing style that began in the Italian Renaissance, was written for hundreds of years in Spain and was revived in the 20th Century. In this class we will explore the changing parameters that are possible in the broadest terms from the most formal of usages to individualized casual handwriting. Our focus will be in writing small, with different tools and different papers with the goal of adapting to each set of challenges presented. This class is best suited for students with some experience although beginners are welcome. Through a theoretical analysis of form and study of historical documents students will develop flexibility and ease in writing this elegant and profoundly useful hand.
  • a range of small sizes of your favorite broad edge nibs
  • nib holders
  • Black Higgins Eternal Ink
  • 11" x 14" smooth bond paper pad such as Biengang Graphics 360 or Borden & Riley #37
  • 2H & 6H pencils
  • eraser
  • ruler
  • soft cotton rag

Optionally and certainly not needed the first class, dividers, ames lettering guide, T-square or other type of parallel rule, walnut ink. Beginners, you can start with just the 2.5 mm Brause C nib for starters. I will bring to the first class materials for anyone who writes me in advance to say they are having trouble finding the materials needed and you can purchase them from me. They should be less than $30 total. My email address is cara@cooper.edu.

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Lecturer: Cara Di Edwardo

Calligraphy: Italic Variations
Cara Di Edwardo is a lettering artist, designer and adjunct professor at Cooper Union and has spent many years in the classroom and in planning educational programs. She is past president of the New York Society of Scribes and has served on the board of the Type Directors Club. She is a founder and the director of the Type@Cooper Program. She holds a BFA from Cooper Union, and has done further studies at ENSAD, Paris, Hunter College, NY and Kyoto Seika University, Japan.