Type@Cooper - Building Open Type Features

Building Open Type Features

with Andy Clymer

Mon., Jun. 17 – Mon., Jun. 17, 2013
10:00AM – 5:00PM
location: Foundation Building

One of the main benefits of producing fonts in the OpenType format is the opportunity to build in some enhanced typographic control into the font by writing OpenType layout features. Students will learn how to write OpenType features to control everything from automatic ligature substitution, the control of alternate drawings of glyphs, and building fractions on the fly. This class is intended to be an introduction, an overview of OpenType feature support will be covered along with a demonstration of more advanced tricks for making smarter fonts.
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Lecturer: Andy Clymer

Building Open Type Features
Andy Clymer is a typeface designer and developer at H&Co. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design from San Diego State University and a Master of Design degree in type design from the Type & Media postgraduate course at the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (Royal Academy of Art) in The Hague, Netherlands. While in The Hague, Andy was influenced heavily by the notion that type designers have had for centuries of building one’s own tools for the job — mechanical bits and pieces, historically, and now bits and pieces of software. This carries through into his role at H&Co where he contributes both to the design of retail and custom typefaces and to the software that helps produce them. Since joining H&Co in 2005, Andy has worked on Vitesse, Forza, Ideal Sans, and more recently, spearheaded Operator and Obsidian.

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