Type@Cooper - Back in Black(letter)!

Back in Black(letter)!

with Grendl Löfkvist

Sat., Apr. 28 – Sun., Apr. 29, 2018
10:00AM – 5:00PM
tuition: $ 440

location: On campus

Have fun learning the history and fundamentals of Gothic Textura in this two-day introductory calligraphy workshop. Practice using the broad-edged pen and learn to write a basic Blackletter alphabet in this class appropriate for both novices and seasoned scribes. 

We will begin with a survey of historical exemplars, then look at works by contemporary practitioners and discuss the origins and evolution of the script. 

Then we will examine the influence of tools and materials, variations in stroke width and letter height, spacing issues, rhythm, pen angle, and ductus as we work our way through the alphabet, putting ink on paper. The relationship between Blackletter calligraphy and typefaces will also be discussed. 

    Required Materials

  • 5 mm chisel-edged marker 
  • 5 mm Brause nib and holder
  • inks (Moon Palace or similar, also Private Reserve Vampire Red)
  • small brush
  • gouache (choice of colors)
  • 2 small empty containers for water or ink
  • 12" ruler or longer 
  • pencil and sharpener
  • layout paper 11 x 17 or bigger
  • a cotton rag or a few paper towels

Our practice will be facilitated by meditative Gregorian Chant as we dip our pens into the Middle Ages. Tools and materials will be provided.*

Your instructor is a medievalist who practiced Blackletter scripts for years under master calligrapher Ward Dunham. She has also taken courses with Sheila Waters and Georgianna Greenwood, and is a long-standing active member of the Friends of Calligraphy. Her work has been featured in Bound and Lettered and has been exhibited nationally. 

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Instructor: Grendl Löfkvist

Back in Black(letter)!
Grendl Löfkvist is an instructor in the Visual Media Design Department at City College of San Francisco, where she teaches the history of graphic design, bookbinding and book arts, calligraphy, and letterpress printing. She also offers a variety of courses at the San Francisco Center for the Book, including blackletter calligraphy, traditional letterpress printing, and the history and practice of printing with wood type.

Löfkvist was a press operator for 13 years at Inkworks Press in Berkeley, a collectively owned, politically progressive offset printing company that just recently closed its doors. She does letterpress and printmaking work under the imprints of Red Star Agitprop and Cloven Hoof Press, and she is currently the President of the American Printing History Association's Northern California Chapter.

Her interests include the study of printing as a subversive “Black Art,” and she is always on the lookout for bizarre, unusual, or macabre print and type lore.