Type@Cooper - Adobe Font Development Kit

Adobe Font Development Kit

with Frank Grießhammer

Mon., Jun. 08 – Thu., Jun. 11, 2015
9:00AM – 4:00PM
The Adobe FDK workshop is a yearly workshop introducing the concepts of the Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType (AFDKO) to prospective users. Established by Miguel Sousa almost a decade ago, with the intention of giving type design students a bit more confidence when it comes to technical challenges. Traditionally, the workshop has taken place in the type design programs of Reading and The Hague, but the scope is now expanding and aims at reaching more students worldwide.

The workshop program includes:
  • brief introduction to using the command line
  • overview of tools provided in the Adobe FDK
  • introduction to building fonts using the Adobe FDK
  • introduction of PS and TT hinting with examples
  • overview and application of OpenType features
  • a number of exercises to apply and understand FDK workflows

Please bring a laptop (or computer) with (preferably) OS X, but Windows is also possible. Frank will go through installations with the students on the first day, since it is usually a quite involved process, but can send a PDF upfront, once the list of students is clear.

This Workshop is designed specifically for the Extended Certificate Program. A few places may be available to qualified typeface designers. Please write cara@cooper.edu to review your qualifications. Graduates of the Type@Cooper Program are automatically qualified. You will have to call to register, no online registration for this workshop will be available.

Lecturer: Frank Grießhammer

Adobe Font Development Kit
Frank Grießhammer has been working as a type designer and font developer with Adobe since 2011.
Before coming to California, he graduated from the Type and Media masters program at the Royal Academy of The Hague in 2010, worked for FSI FontShop International in Berlin, and studied graphic design at Saarbrücken, Germany, and Florence, Italy.

• Frank Grießhammer